Varieties of Sauces  

  Diablo :Very Hot   Smoked Chipotle, habanero, chili, cayenne peppers, garlic, coconut sugar, paprika ,cilantro, soy sauce, vinegar , water and sea salt.

Fig’n F’n Hot :  Very Hot  Select Mixed organic peppers, vinegar, sea salt and water.

Ghost: Super Hot   Ghost organic peppers, sea salt, vinegar and water.

La Hanana: Super hot   Select habanero peppers sea salt, vinegar and water

Mango Surprise; Med, Heat   Ripened mango , Scotch Bonnet pepper, Vinegar , water and sea salt

Scorpion Sting: Very Hot     Scorpion and Naga peppers, water, vinegar and sea salt

Tilted Kilt:  Hot with great flavor      smoked scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, coconut sugar, onion, carrot, vinegar, cilantro, sea salt and water

Viper Venom:  Med Heat    Mixed green select peppers, sea salt , water and vinegar

Scorpion Sting: Super Hot   Scorpion peppers salt water ,vinegar and sea salt

Green Garlic: Med. Heat Jalapeno, chili peppers and garlic, sea salt and water and vinegar   

Beyond Peri Peri: Med heat   Portuguese Pepper vinegar, water and sea salt. 

Island Style: Hot     Scotch Bonnet Pepper, vinegar , water and sea salt

Gramps hot mustard, Sweet Joe Mama - hot : sweet relish combined with chili and jalapeno peppers.

Tijuana NightSuper Hot Select Chocolate Habanero Peppers,sea salt,vinegar,water

Cuban Sunshine: Super Hot Select Yellow Habanero pepper,sea salt,vinegar and water