All of our sauces come from the two original sauces.  The base is either chili pepper (Southern Style) or scotch bonnet pepper (Island Style).


They are produced and designed by Kenny Bob either by his own creation or by request for specialty blends.


The chili pepper used is aged to its reddest, most mature sweet flavour. The scotch bonnet is picked after they have matured on the plant, and all peppers are organic grown.  They are not picked green and induced with chemicals to ripen.


All the sauces are made with a natural brine of vinegar, water and sea salt, and fermented for a controlled and specific time period.  Once the sauces are separated from the mulch, the remaining liquid is pasteurized.  All of our sauces are GLUTEN FREE with no added preservatives, artificial flavours or colourings.   All ingredients used are all natural and processed at their peak times in order to maintain their nutritional value. If a sauce requires sugar, only a light brown sugar is used.  The products contain less sugar and salt than other commercially manufactured sauces.  Once the fermentation and separation processes have occurred, the sauce is ready to be bottled and sealed under very strict and sanitary conditions.

At this time the sauces are sold at local markets and fairs.  (keep checking out this website for future dates and location) or sauces can be ordered by phone.  (a minimum quantity is necessary for phone orders)