King's Bounty- Mix of hot peppers. Medium Heat

King's Mustard Habanero - Made with fresh Mustard Habanero peppers. Very Hot

Bob's Garden - Every year it new. Made fresh from the Bob's Garden. - Jalapeno,chili,ghost,scotch bonnet and scorpion peppers with chili flakes. Medium Heat.

Salsa di pereroncino- Mixed ages peppers Hot

Fiery Naga.-  Naga Peppers, Very Hot.

  Tasty Hot Bonnet - Scotch Bonnet Peppers, HOT HOT

Figg'N  F'n Hot- Mix Hot Peppers. Burn your Butt

Viper Venom - Mixed Chile Peppers. Surprise Heat

Redneck Carrot Fire - Carrots mixed with selected peppers. HOT HOT